Leo Software Gives ACG Management a Technology Edge

ACG, through its sister company Leo Software, developed a comprehensive property-management system that ACG uses to support its operations. Leo provides a technological edge in both managing and marketing distressed properties. The use of superior information technology provides transparency to enable better decisions by lenders and property owners alike.

Leo Software is available commercially at www.LeoSoftware.net, and is sold as an online, hosted application under a subscription pricing model.

The Property Information Management Solution

While other real estate applications address accounting, financial and other operational functions, Leo uniquely addresses the needs of Property Information Management. Effective property management requires identifying and preparing vacancies for leasing; as well as having access to current occupancy projections; floor plans; leasing options; insurance expiration dates, and other crucial operational data. As the keeper of the data, the property manager also faces constant interruptions from owners, brokers, tenants or vendors seeking access to building information. Without effective easy-to-use technology, property managers spend much of the day dealing with frequent interruptions and inquiries. Leo solves this problem by providing property management data to the people who need it, when they need it.

Patented Technology

As a vacancy/inventory management system, Leo helps commercial real estate professionals compete for new tenants and property assignments, retain current tenants, and maximize revenues and profits. Using award-winning patented software technology, Leo automatically converts rent roll data into dynamic stacking plans that summarize a building's leasing status in one easy-to-understand screen and link to all documents associated with each rentable space.

In addition to flagging upcoming events such as changes in leases, Leo creates lease abstracts, event calendars, "micro-website" brochures and various standard and custom management reports.